Case Study


Astraeus AI

With the VR demo and 3D model of the exhibition completed I wanted to showcase how the AI in the exhibition would generate the final zone using the prompts that had been created by the user in each zone, to do this I wanted to use the DALL-E API that has been released by Open AI which I used to conduct my research in semester one to create my concept art.

DALL-E has been the main AI that I have used throughout this project and the moment it is by far the best image generation AI when compared to the likes of Adobe Firefly or mid journey, this centers around the flexibility of the API that Open AI have released and how I can use it to code the AI into generating the final zone exactly how it would in the final generation of the exhibition.

Using the DALL-E API I built a quick demo of how the exhibition will work from a technical standpoint and then use this process to create Astraeus AI which is what will be used in the final experience.

Ethan Fearon